Chapter 9

2008 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Clairvoyant Disease


A few years passed. Edward died in an unfortunate jerky-making accident. I was truly alone, waiting for my children to come for me. That’s the thing about space wizards: we’re a close-knit society of really cool dudes. Terrestrial Witches are pains in the ass, but relatively harmless. It’s the Divergentals that are the real threat.

You see, we’re compelled to destroy each other. The urge fades with age; I hardly want to kill my children at all, but their desire to eliminate me will be irresistible. Don’t think that I won’t tear them apart though—I was the only living divergental for a reason.

We’re too powerful, and it keeps the balance for us to cull our own numbers. There’s just one hitch though—every time we use powers beyond that of an average wizard. we take one step closer to a total magical rebound that will eradicate our body entirely. Few survive that, and the ones that do usually spend the rest of their lives as toes or fingers.

I decided it was time. Time to face them. I went home to my mansion. Jamcob had been taking care of it for all this time; it was now fuchsia and had a gaudy rainbow flag flying from the widow’s walk.

“Bella, so good to see you,” he said.

“I need to kill you,” I explained.

Jamcob frowned. “Well shucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

“I take no pleasure in having to do this.” I smiled gleefully.

“Oh I know, honey. But don’t you worry about me I’ll… Oh my, that doesn’t feel good. I’m burning, Bella. I’m burning from the inside out. This is unpleasant, I tell you.” He whined until his carcass fell limply to the floor.

“How dare you!” Cher yelled. She was hovering above me next to her brother.

“We’ll destroy you, mother,” Gaga said.

They both launched fireballs at me, but I dodged. Next, they tried bolts of ice, then chunks of stone. I was too fast for them, nimbly dodging every attack they launched.

“We’re going to have to go with the contingency plan,” Cher said, moving in front of Gaga. “Do it, now!”

Gaga grasped her spine and tore it out. Cher’s body fell to the ground in a heap while Gaga absorbed her life energy.

I was in trouble. If I’d allow you to imagine it, you’d partially understand how brutally destructive a Divergent becomes immediately after killing another of our kind.

Before I knew it, he was on top of me. He pulled my hair, slapped me across the face, and flung me to the ground. The earth fractured around me, but I managed to get back up. He launched a salvo of magical orbs that began detonating around me. I was dodging as best I could, but there was only so much fire, ice, and lightning a girl could avoid. A jolt of electricity hit me in the baby maker, and I collapsed.

Gaga stood over me, reveling in my impending demise. “Mother, how I’ve waited for this moment. The last of the divergents, dead at my hands, replaced by her child, no less. You reaped the fields of others in your youth, never even considering that you’d been sowing your own field as well. It’s been sitting there all these years, the greatest field ever seen, just waiting for another reaper to arrive.”

“I think you’ve taken the metaphor as far as it can go, son. Please try something else,” I interrupted.

“Oh, mommy,” Gaga cried. “I love you so much.”

The bastard let his guard down. I killed him with a kick to the face.

“Love you too, sweetie.” Once again, I was the last of the divergents.



One comment on “Chapter 9

  1. The startlingly coherent exposition in the first several paragraphs confused me, but then you slipped back into the regular good stuff…and I love anything that has to do with farming.

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