Sleepless in Jerusalem

Sleepless still

My Parody reading of Jesus and Hitler: A Romance by Angkras.


7 comments on “Sleepless in Jerusalem

  1. Seeing Jesus in a pink robe was a magical experience.
    And the love scene! Never before Have I seen such passion.
    Best sex scene I have ever seen.

    • If I had a face I’d blush.

  2. Who says summer programming stinks? I forgive the horrible Long Island accent, even…

    • Are you implying that all my accents aren’t horrible? If so I challenge you to fisticuffs at 24:01 on a day that doesn’t start with M T W F or S.

      • Allow me to remove my waistcoat and wax up my mustache whilst you prepare to be bested.

        What I am not implying, is that none of your accents are horrible, so you may put your gloves back on your girl hands…

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