6 comments on “Chart Your Characters’ Lives On and Off the Page

  1. Hey, ds, good to hear from you. It’s fun to trade ideas about how we do what we do. But “just a reader”? You are what it’s all about; without you I’m sitting around the campfire talking to myself. Keep reading and (insert commercial here) take a look at the Surf City Mysteries. http://www.jamesrpreston.com And thanks to the Assassin for providing the forum.

  2. Thanks for the intro. to the Writers In The Storm blog and the James Preston post. I’m just a reader, but I find it fascinating to ‘listen’ to the discussion of the writers process. It’s like getting a peek behind the doors of a secret club.

    Thanks again.

  3. I commented on the Writers in the Storm page, but I want to say thanks as well. In that comment I wondered if this kind of editing — it is a fair amount of work — is one reason why so many mysteries are first person. I wonder if the writer thinks keeping track of the internal logic is easier when one protagonist sees it all. Not sure that it really is easier, however.

    • I’m a dynamic world kind of guy, especially in mystery. I like to see that there is more going on than groups of people being on the page together or seemingly standing around waiting to be on the page again. Without that third dimension of the world it just seems, pun intended, flat.

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