19 comments on “Crafting the Perfect Fanfiction

  1. My reaction as I watched:
    You had me at likker’………then there came the ubiquitous tight hole…then the NOT fresh lemons…ever…then there was the traditionally drenched/dripping ugh..NEXT: THE MAN MEAT!…ALWAYS FITS PERFECTLY….

    Oddly, your final reaction is the same one I have to most fics these days.

    Good one!!

  2. Now you’ve done it. I’ve always had a thing for men who can cook – and boy do you Cook.
    I’m amazed again; how do you come up with these ideas?

    Can I tell you how your most recent video effected me? (Tough luck, I’m telling you anyway.)

    I found myself intrigued by the intro–drawn in by your display of ingredients. I know you didn’t mean to tease, but the sensual, suggestive spread; your interaction with the root vegetables and sausage, all had me panting in anticipation. Don’t worry about the issue with the cheese – it reminded me so much of a terrorized condom, I just had to forgive your mistake. And then, when I watched you, finally, pounding your man meat into that dripping honeypot – there I was swooning, and … mmmm, bliss. Then I took a shower.

    Even though I’m being a smart-ass, I thoroughly enjoyed (and laughed at – in the good way!) your video. I can’t wait for your next extravaganza! In the mean time, I’ll settle for more of your brilliant reviews, please.

    • Funny side note. The first time I tried the cheese in the pastry bag it exploded, like I wanted. It’s sped up considerably in the final video, but I spent over 4 minutes in that scene trying to burst the bag again until I gave up and knifed it out of frustration.

  3. If I had any doubts you were going soft on crappy stories, you erased them all. You may be a mediocre chef, but you sure know a lot about corny, horny, sticky, greasy, bland fanfics. I loved the salt bit, by the way. And the honey pot in the center. And the meat. And the potato filler. And how you struggled with cheese. Throwing the lumps of that processed sh*t on top of the rest of the sh*t was hilarious. Thanks!

  4. I am bellyaching laughing. when you stuck that 10-incher inside the tight, wet, warm honeypot, I was threw. And, then you baked it with all that processed cheese. 🙂

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