4 comments on “Unexpected Brain Activity

  1. Here’s one. It’s for a story called Lady In Waiting. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9623563/1/Lady-in-Waiting In this story, there’s a flashback scene where we see Edward with a woman named Elizabeth, who is now dead. This is a reader’s reaction to the possibility of Edward being with Bella now that he’s met her.

    magdalena chapter 8 . Feb 13
    I’m not a fan of “widowers” stories and I think this is it after readind Edward POV.
    I don’t know. They are not my cup of tea. The problem is that Edward would still be with Elziabeth if she didin’t die. Personally it would kill me to know that my man is with me only because his girlfriend/wife died. I would feel like second best. And I know he could love me too but it’s too little for me. I know there are women who don’t mind. However I’m too possesive to share my man. There would be always some place in his heart for his “first” and I wouldn’t be able to live with him knowing that I have to share his love, that I don’t have all his heart. Someties I read “widowers stories” but I never quite feel they are romantic and it’s about real, the one and only, forever and ever type of love.
    There is also the second problem for me. I believe in souls and heaven. And I would always wonder with whom my man would spend eternity: me or her? I know it’s kinda strange but what can I say. It’s like being atracted to blondes or blue eyes or tall guys and never to pale skin or men with beards. Some girls will never look into geeks direction and others just adores them (including me). Some girls are not atracted to jocks, others will never date an artist.
    We like and we are atracted to different types of people. I was never atracted to a man who I knew loved someone else before me so much that this girl will forever have his heart. I have a pair of friends who are togethere since high school. Everybody can see their love and devotion to each other. Many times I heard that this man was hot guy and I agree. Sure, he is. However because I witnessed their love to each other, I never was atracted to him. I can’t imagine being with him, after knowing how much he loves his wife. It’s just too weird for me. And kinda too icky.
    Still I like this story so far. It’s kinda funny. I can imagine that I read some gossip magazines and wonder about Bella 🙂 She definitely has a colorful personality :))

  2. One chapter into a story, a reviewer advised me that a close friend of hers had already written a fan fic of the same book I was, and that I might want to read her friend’s version, before I got into my story any further. She said she wouldn’t want me to waste my time, rewriting something someone else already had.

    It’s my favorite review I’ve ever received, the most perfect and ridiculous one ever. Sorry it’s gone, with thousands of others, when I pulled from ff.net. But it was a good one.

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