7 comments on “Parody Reading: Stranger than Fanfiction (Remastered)

  1. And the corset’s super tight, sniff…refer back to your Community Parody Sketch Club days- anything longer than ten minutes, and you’ll have to provide restroom access. You work hard, it shows…as I’m sure ESB did, too. You needn’t defend yourself, your police chief’s better than hers…

  2. The counter was exponentially exciting…but reruns are for summer, pflbbbtttt! I love that you write scripts for these….

    • Lol. Well I have to break them up. Recording each voice separately help keep them sounding the same. Plus when something needs to be read wrong it takes special care not to read it right.

  3. Ugh, Edmond, twenty one minutes and the point is too obscure!! On the plus side, it still made me laugh…Pure Seduction!

    • I know it was long. I split it into two the first time because of it, bit I couldn’t resist getting the counter up so high so I recombined them.

      I’m writing the script for my next video now. It won’t be like the other two but still fanfiction related.

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