7 comments on “Hiring an English Major to Edit Your Book Is Cheating Yourself

  1. Not so much the article…I admire your desire to help someone clean up their efforts. The cynic in me sees self-publishing synonymous with bad editing/grammar/writing. Why would a self-publisher doubt his/her writing? It doesn’t surprise me that the product would need help- so mean of me! I think there was a comment about how glad one author was that she had come across the article- it hadn’t occurred to her that cheap editors may leave you with errors…I thought, really? Had you thought your book needed any help? I think self-publishing lends itself to a belief your effort is worth reading, it’s that good you don’t need help. I may be missing the mark…I don’t mean you can’t do it yourself, but there’s a reason for editors…

    • Ahh, I understand now. Yes, that does seem to be the mindset of a lot of self-publishers, especially the pull to publish type. It’s like they don’t comprehend that when they offered a mediocre product for free people were willing to consume it but once they start charging quality matters over effort and heart.

      It probably doesn’t help that that type tends to have legions of terrible friends telling them how perfect their work is when it’s flaws are so obvious they wouldn’t be missed by a near sighted toddler.

      • So really, you ought not encourage anyone to improve themselves, lest it leave you with nothing to do…it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy for you, Ass. I would never fawn…

    • I won’t say I agree completely, I like to live in the gray areas between all the crazy people. But even still, there are a lot of poorly edited and completely unedited books out there that bug the shit out of me more than the issues I have with this article.

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