6 comments on “A Forgettable Pair Chapter 2

  1. So I take it you do not like this fic?
    I couldn’t really tell from your review.

    I can’t wait for the shower video!
    That should be exciting.
    I’m sure the mask will be extra creepy with water running down it.

  2. I’d like to extend the rage, and not imply that you should, to using any tragedy as a backdrop, and I’d have to say that in this fandom/genre, it is usually rape/sexual assault. It’s disgusting and so prevalent. I would venture that this author is very young, with no connection to 9/11, and no sexual experience, in addition to her lack of writing ability…

    It’s shameful, or should be to her, and you deserve no flak for criticizing this shit, because unlike the author, you were able to concisely make your point…plus, it was in capitals…

    As I said on FB, you are the best kind of absurd, keep writing…

    • I do appreciate you’re assessment, “the best kind of absurd.” I’m thinking I might add that to my about section. I’ll probably put, “kind of absurd.” in bold and larger font. That will be funny.

      I don’t know this author either, but if they happen across this review I certainly hope that it illuminates everything that’s wrong with what was written here.

      • Do a star rating, “New York Times says, ‘Four stars for absurdity!'”

        Good luck with the illumination, I admire your pluck.

  3. I didn’t comment on the first post because I knew there would be a followup, I don’t know the author but I agree, there are ways to write about this tragedy and do it well and ways that you should not. This is classic example of how you don’t write about it!

  4. I’ve never read this story, but the picture that went with the post pissed me off…at you. However, disgusted as I was I needed to read what the hell could have necessitated THAT image. It’s been a long time since I wholeheartedly agreed with such a review of a story. As a NYer (and a decent American) it offends me. Putting aside my personal issues with it, you’re were spot on with the lack of emotion. I was in high school when this happened (it’s one of those you’ll never forget where you were moments) and it certainly wasn’t calm.

    I can go on and on, but I’ll stop here. No matter how harsh you words may seem, you nailed it with every assessment. Kudos to you.

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