7 comments on “Parody Reading: A Forgettable Pair part 1

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  2. I especially like that Edward sounds like Thurston Howell, III…

    A part of me feels for you, having to read the chapter aloud, but I can barely hear it over my laughter…

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  4. You pick apart people’s work and make fun of it. what have you written? you are hilarious in you mock up and the way you read. but really, what have you written, except a pathetic blog and make fun of people’s writing. Some of these stories are born out of a love of writing and love for the characters. you are a pathetic waste of internet space.
    Thank you for tearing down great writers and their work. their first stories. your gall amazes me, and its sickens me.

    what have you written?

    • Thank you for your comment. What if I told you my reviews and videos were born out of love of writing and love for the characters? Worse yet, what if it was true? Would it change your opinion on it? If yes, then your argument is valid, if no, you do the math.

      That being said, if you’re looking for something I’ve written to tear down, then allow me to be a gracious host. https://thefanficassassin.wordpress.com/category/story/ That whole section is definitely what you’re looking for.

  5. You made me spew my coffee. I like that about you…I said. (But I have to say/admit/murmur/plotvomit that I hope no one ever slides my hardened nipple anywhere. That sounds extraordinarily painful.) Your gestures were hilarious and spot-on! Now…on to part 2 of this story!

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