7 comments on “The First Cut Isn’t Deep Enough

  1. I’m confused – did Lisa cut her finger? Are you sure he didn’t mean her toe? It was probably her toe. I mean, yeah, he probably mean “toe” all the times he wrote “finger”. Why couldn’t he have meant “toe”? Cut toes are painful, and he could have incorporated a limp into the next chapter. Limps are story-worthy, and you can’t limp with a cut finger. Much.

    Seriously, though, that was a fun review to read…especially considering that I’d have given up on that chapter about a third of the way through it. However, many kudos to The Stream for giving it the ol’ college try, and I hope he finds his cadence by the second chapter.

    Finally, I don’t even watch TWD, which now seems to have been a wise decision I don’t plan to rectify.

    Good one!

  2. I felt for Lisa, as I, too (two o’s), have cut my finger, but I’m from outside Philadelphia, and though we’ve had a snow apocalypse, there are no zombies.

    That you found constructive things to say about this chapter…you’re a better man than I (especially that you are a man, and I’m not). I would agree, that Streamed did not grow up writing in English.

    But you’re right, I don’t read TWD, and I don’t have a sense of any of it, except how disinterested I am in further following the post-apocalyptic (a time frame that would normally fill me with glee) exploits of Jeff and Lisa. I don’t even know if Jeff’s hot, or not.

    Props to Streamed, if that were his title for the chapter. Did he come up with, is the first cut deep? He really did try like hell to piece it together.

    Thanks for another review, it was a treat to read!

  3. I need to know more about the cut on her finger.
    Did it turn gangrene? Did they cut it off?
    I don’t think there was enough detail about the serious injury of a paper cut.

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