7 comments on “No Parody Title Needed

  1. Holy Cow! That was hilarious, and painful.
    Loved reading your review. The story itself, well I don’t think I would have gotten past the first few chapters if I wasn’t reading your comments.

    A couple of highlights for me were the std/pregnancy lines. I had a giggle over them. And ‘Don’t use expired condoms!’ I had to stop reading at that one, I was laughing so hard I needed tissues to wipe my tears. Wow. Either the writer has never had sex, or never used condoms. Of course there is the possibility they are illiterate and can’t read the expiry date on the condoms. That may explain a lot, they could have been using a voice-to-text program.

    In any case, I enjoyed your comments even if I thoroughly disliked the story.

    Thankyou for the laugh 🙂

  2. You kill me — “You’re fucking stupid and I hate you” — You throw the best tantrums.

    Oh yeah, I’d like to share something that I’ve learned from the SVM/TB fandoms:
    Use of the term cum dumpster rather than cum receptacle. (Evidently, a dumpster is deeper?)

  3. I couldn’t read all of this. It squicked me out too much. Yes spell check, I know that word is wrong. I am using it anyway!

    I can’t believe you hate me because I don’t know the difference between than and then. I swear I’ll learn someday. (No I won’t.) I still love you even though you hate my horrible grammar. I promise. I’d rather spell phonetically. It makes more sense to me.

    I’ll read the next one completely. Good job on making it through the whole thing though. You are obviously better than me in more ways then just one. (Was that correct?)

    • You can’t take anything I say too literally. By hate I of course mean abhor. Good day, sir or madam.

      But seriously, it’s more annoying than anything. My grammar and diction aren’t perfect but I always work to correct my mistakes.

      THEN and THAN are easy to correct when you start thinking of the as separate words and understand their separate meanings.

      This isn’t really the format for an English class, but, if you so desire, send me a message on Facebook sometime and I’ll be happy to help you get them right.

      Also, just because you’re spelling it the way you sound it out doesn’t mean you’re spelling it phonetically. You’re actually mispronouncing the word. If everyone used phonetic spelling based on the way their words sound we’d have to accept such spellings as TORLET for toilet and Texas would spell oil, OL because of their accent. Dont even get menstarted on North East accents. You can see the mess that creates when we’re trying to communicate with one another and nobody spells things the same way. uniformitivity is very important to written language.

      Lastly, no, you didn’t get that right. In that sentence those are both Thans.

      • Torlet? Are you from Indiana 😉

        I love that you took my review seriously ❤
        I'm going to join that one reviewer in the "Will you be my baby daddy" fan club.

        I really couldn't get through that story. It was icky. The rest was the ramblings of a drunk girl (who still doesn't care if she passes grammar lessons).

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