3 comments on “Editorial: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

  1. OH MY GOD! It’s that wordy bitch again! 🙂

    It took me a long time to develop a thicker skin. Then again, I work in an environment where there’s a hierarchy, where we eat our young. Also…no one likes negative criticism, no matter how thick-skinned we may be. It’s one of the harsh realities that writers/authors – even of fanfiction – have to deal with.

    But we DO deal. We learn. We essentially GROW from said criticisms. It’s been a while since I received a good, detailed, constructive review. I, unlike a great many others, find the obscure flame that has nothing to do with the story hilarious! I’ve gotten death threats, I’ve been told to kill myself, and I have also been legit bullied via reviews and on social networks (what you did wasn’t bullying in the slightest)

    Alas, while 5 to 10 reviews will be negative, I’ll get 100 or more of praise. It kinda evens out; meanwhile, the negative ones do tend to stick out a little more. But fuck them. These days, I don’t look at reviews at all. Firstly, because I just don’t give a fuck anymore. And, secondly, because no one’s going to dictate how I write “my” story.

    Sadly and unfortunately, some authors shit rainbows, their shit doesn’t stink of anything other than roses. You can’t tell some people ANYTHING. As of late, each and every semi-negative review, even the most politest of criticisms, are taken as a flame/a bash.

    It’s not only you and your recent blog posts.

    Anyone who says something negative – and is brave enough to sign-in/leave their name – gets a lynch mob sent after them. I’ve read a couple of stories that had great potential but jacked-up grammar, punctuation, Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for them, etc. Instead of leaving a review, I’d send them a PM being polite and trying to be helpful, asking them if they had a beta/editor and I even sent them links as to where they could find one if they didn’t.

    Like, “Hey, this is a great plot, but it’d be better if . . . ”

    No matter how nice I’d been, I’d receive a bitchy reply.

    Again…because you can’t tell them nothing, their shit don’t stink, they’re God’s gift to fanfic.

    The egos in the fanfiction community are astounding, about the size of Jupiter.

    And I don’t believe/agree with others who’ve bitched and moaned about your blog. I’ve said what I said before – that long-ass comment I left you – a few times on Facebook.

    Because you’re a celebrity over there now, and quite possibly on Twitter, too. I’m not sure as I haven’t been over there recently.

    Like I told you before…In a roundabout and indirect way, you did insult the author and her readers; however (and as a whole) what you said isn’t even the WORST thing I’ve heard this week regarding a work of fanfiction.

    It’s a pity because many fanfic-authors aspire to publish. And if what you did gets them down in the dumps, they’ll never make it in the real publishing world. Probably throw themselves out a window or something. Idk.

    I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind, think outside the box, or disagree when a flock of sheep seem to agree. I’m clumsy and am not in the habit of jumping on most bandwagons. I’ve been around this community too long to bite my tongue. And, again, your blog-post is a lesser “evil” in comparison to the things I’ve seen in the past and most recent.

    You and your links were littered all over Facebook, Twitter – people posting and telling others to report.

    I still see no reportable offense.

    And, yes, a great many do agree with you and they’re afraid to speak out/share their views, but they have given kudos in private – afraid of the backlash. Because a lot of people are catty, will turn against a friend, simply because of a difference of opinion. All of which is SO fucking sad, how catty some people can be. “Agree to disagree” is almost unheard of.

    Christ…the way all of this was misinterpreted, along with the insults left for you in the comments section…left people thinking you were skinning puppies wearing that mask.

    And I’ll stress this point again, like I have a million and one times (for those who might be inclined to leave you nasty comments) If we despise hate, and if we hate being censored, then how dare we hate on another individual and try to censor them? It’s contradictory, hypocritical, and extreme. For example: those pro-life motherfuckers who embrace the death penalty. As a proud supporter of the ACLU, freedom of speech is just that. How can anyone argue against the civil liberties/the constitution…blah. I’ll leave politics out of this.

    Just like TFA has the right to share his/her opinions/critique reading material, others also have the right to be against it – to share their own views on what’s been written.

    But what some of you have left in the comments section: the insults, the names he/she’s been called, and the threats TFA has received – now THAT SHIT IS bullying and harassment.

    Get your facts straight before you start accusing people of this or that.

    And the accusations of plagiarism…? Seriously? (that shit totally went over my head because I can’t see HOW he/she plagiarized a damn thing)

    I can’t help but see some of the responses as ignorant – ignorance at its finest.

    And who gives a fuck if he/she’s wearing a mask? In the fanfic community, we’re all semi-anon. Youse think “SexyLexiCullen” is on my birth certificate? Get outta here with that crap.

    RE: the other comment I left you. It truly is sound advice: leave no room for interpretation, s.p.e.l.l. it all out for those who may not comprehend. And whether or not you have more tact in future reviews, that’s on you.

    I, too, think humor is provocative.

    (But….most people did see it as an attack on the author because her intelligence was called into question a few times. If you solely stick to the stories, I doubt you’ll get the amount of backlash again. Nonetheless, if causing a stir is your intention, read more stories by people who have a decent-size following — that’ll get you the most attention)

    Oh, I’m also wordy/long-winded by nature.

    It’s a habit of mine.

    (Lastly, you only read/critique the first chapter? That sucks. The link I sent you…while you get “some” of the gist, you really don’t get much in the first chapter, and I’m sure there’s plenty to mock the farther you get into it. And I’d LOVE it if you did a video/a parody, ’cause I’d like to hear you try and mimic a Brooklyn accent. LOL. And if you never get the chance, oh well. It’s cool.)

    Best of luck.

    Happy reading!

    • I battle with wordiness myself. I’ll toil for an hour over a Facebook post only to condense it to two sentences sometimes.

      Also, I stick to a portion of the work as I don’t want to spoil any reason a person might have to stop by the fic I’ve reviewed and read it themselves. If it’s short and only one chapter, I’ll do the whole thing, if it’s a one shot I’ll do about 10%

      But that being said, nothing really stops me from going back to a fic later and doing another chapter. I just want to avoid getting bogged down into one genre, or to seem like I’m picking on one author by going after them post after post. Even I would find that suspect.

  2. *Stands on highest chair in home to give a standing ovation while praying I don’t fall and bust my ass*

    Thank you for indulging my questions, I appreciate your taking the time to post this OOC editorial. Now, back to the fun stuff, okay?


    PS – I am totally jealous of your think skin.

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