10 comments on “Chapter 2: Friends and High Places

  1. Fantastic!

    I love Supernatural and loved the Fanfic episode where the boys are exposed to that world of writing and then find out that most of the stories about them are m/m erotica. Their reactions of “But, we’re brothers!” had me laughing so hard I had to rewind the Netflix to see what I’d missed during my fit.

    Now, out of curiosity, are you against all Fanfiction or just those that are written so poorly or laughably that you feel the need to put readers out of their misery?

    I like some FF quite a lot. Yes, I even write it (*gasps*), but I don’t claim to be better than I am, and I have original fic writers I follow and have interacted with regarding writing classes, books, etc. I see FF as a great way for someone to “test the waters”, to see if their creative need is a hobby or something more.

    Unlike some, Twilight is not the rising sun to my day. And I do not live on TwiFF alone. I read a great deal of other OF and have come to appreciate good writing.

    Be all that as it may, I’m curious to hear your stand on the FF world in general.

    • I’d be happy to answer your quedtion, but I wonder if the comment section is the proper place for it. I’m considering doing an Out of Character editorial post on the topic. Thank you for the idea, penguinpixie.

      • Oddly enough, I was thinking this same thing earlier! I knew it was perhaps asking for a little too much info. OOC post or an off-line response would be fine. Thanks for your time 🙂

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