48 comments on “Stranger than Fanfiction

  1. I’m a closeted basement hater, I learned. I do admit, basements have always skeeved me, but I’ve always been open about it, and it feels good…

    I have read this, but these comments are worth reading again.

    If you step out in front, expect to get hit first…you’re familiar with this, they are not…

  2. Ah, come on – you passed up “cuffs and questioning”? (Although given the available raw material, I guess there just wouldn’t be enough time.)

    I don’t know what a ‘Mary Jane’ is, and google wasn’t any help – so it’s down to you, please…

    • Mary Jane is when an author writes themselves (or the person they wish they were) as the main character. The character is often beautiful, intelligent, the best at everything they do on paper, but shows little evidence of actually being any of those things beyond it being told to the reader.

  3. Anybody who gets mad while reading this clearly has a strong biased opinion. Plus, they are likely a certified TwiFag. Coined that one myself. Yes, I am proud.

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  6. I must agree with SexyLexiCullen’s comment. While this review is in some way a bit too much, TFA was in no way attacking the author. I have read this blog post several times and I have yet to find the part where TFA threatens, denigrates and harrasses ESB. The truth is that there is no such thing in the post above. He has only ONE post in this blog, where TFA talks about the fic and criticizes it, but also seems to have issues with ALL fanfic. It looks like they randomly picked ESB’s story to make their point. I don’t think it’s bullying, just a bad critic.

    This is my personal opinion, and while I know many will disagree and probably call me names because of it, it doesn’t change the fact that people have taken this way out of proportions.

    Though, I do recommend that for the next critique, you leave out the passive/aggressive insults to both the readers and the author. You could have made your point without those comments, focus instead exclusively on the writing and the story.

    • KittenFFreader,

      Dude, do you have ANY idea how many PMs I’ve received on FB about this/my comment? SMH. It’s ridiculous. Did I or did I not admit to having read a few of ESB’s fics in the past? Now, I supposedly hate her/was talking smack about her. LOL. Meanwhile, if they actually took the time to read my comment ^ above ^ they’d know that shit wasn’t true. I was actually just trying to bring some logic – although, it was my logic – to the situation. Oh well. Fuck them. It makes me wonder if people were TRULY offended by this blog entry, or they’re making a stink, sharing the link everywhere for attention – to play this victim. Hey, if I’m this “supposed” hater, I guess I do have every right to claim others might be attention seekers.

  7. Good grief! You sure know how to work people up! And odds are, if you’d chosen a little known writer, you wouldn’t have received such hateful comments.

    If we all remove our personal opinion about the writer, we’d see how absolutely hilarious this is! It’s like the 90’s show “Mystery Science Theater 3000” where the robots sit in the theater and talk over a movie, making comments and jokes.

    Though, maybe I just dated myself. Damn.

    Everyone has the right to their opinion, the writers of fanfic (And yes, I am one) open themselves up to criticism in all forms when publishing stories. We grow from most criticism. What makes me sad for this writer is that the people she trusts don’t help her improve some of the more obvious errors. She trusts them, and it’s their responsibility to help her.

    Anyway, I’m about to read your next post. I pray it’s as funny.
    But I can’t watch the YouTube videos, they sort of creep me out.

    Thanks for bringing some levity to a world that is taken way too seriously, and for making me laugh loudly tonight.

    And before I get haters… I wasn’t laughing at the writer, but the sarcastic comments in between the story snippets. I love quick wit and humor filled with snark.


    • I thank you very much for your kind comments. I fear that some people may have taken themselves too seriously and sent the attack dogs after me, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’m glad that you enjoyed my critiques, and look forward to your opinions of future reviews.

  8. I think it’s hilarious, and yet hypocritical, how people are preaching against “hate” and “dislike” via commenting. However, most are leaving “hate-filled” comments, words of dismay. How is that OK, but THIS person’s opinion is wrong? I may not agree with what’s been said/the initial statement…

    Truthfully, the opinion(s) posted and my personal thoughts are irrelevant. Doesn’t matter.

    Readers are encouraged to review, share their opinions.

    But only if they leave behind words of praise?

    Most reviews can be seen as “blind praise” when nothing constructive is ever shared. While they provide the best kind of ego boost, it does nothing to help the author better themselves as a writer. Nowadays, you can’t critique anything (unless your opinion is a popular one) fandom-related without a lynch mob coming for your head.

    When you share something in a public forum – whether it’s an opinion, story, or otherwise – you open yourself up to criticism, which should be accepted, expected, and respected. And if someone doesn’t feel the need to be polite about it, they won’t be. That’s them breaks, I guess. We can’t all enjoy the same things, and we most certainly don’t share a brain.

    I don’t agree with tearing an author down along with his/her story. If it’s the work of fiction you have a problem with, then stick to the story. But reading the entire entry, the author is constantly insulted. Not only her, but her readers for enjoying such content. The insults may not have been direct. They were handled in a witty and indirect way – very passive-aggressive and condescending yet laced with sarcasm and snark.

    (Kudos for that, TFA. The way you wrote this out was very clever. But don’t take a bow just yet)

    I find it tacky to belittle someone’s character. Just because you disliked their story. It could have been handled better; you should work on that, having more tact, and (I know it was your intention) you probably wouldn’t have received so many disparaging comments in response.

    I can’t agree that the author/story was “viciously” attacked. There’s no threat. No threats for the author. This dude is non-threatening, nor has he/she said they’d report anything. The parody on YouTube…well, imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, and it probably brought the author many readers. How you may ask? I’ll get back to it later.

    Anyway, he’s merely sharing his opinion, like most of us do daily on any given social network. If you’re passionate about whatever, you make a blog entry. To each their own. Nevertheless, we can’t persecute ONE person for something that EVERYONE does. LOL. The world doesn’t work that way. We can’t say TFA is wrong, and then…express our distaste for the latest episode of Law & Order. It’s the same thing – sharing an opinion.

    We may not agree with what’s been said.

    We may not like that this has happened.

    But…if you put something out there for the public-eye…criticism, praise, and dismay should be expected. We can’t expect everyone to “like” what we put out there.

    I can see “how” all of this might have been seen as an attack. This goes ABOVE AND BEYOND simply leaving a negative review. I can’t imagine how time-consuming making a blog, multiple videos, and replying to comments was. All of which CAN be seen as an attack.

    But at the bottom, the base of it all…only a difference of opinion has been shared, which isn’t something that warrants being reported. (Again, while I may not agree, I don’t see this as a reportable offense. Sue me, if I’m wrong) And for everyone to be so riled up about it is ridiculous. LOL.

    Most people know what to do with criticism. They consider the source, take things into consideration, but many won’t judge something based on one person’s take on it. How many times have we watched Robert Ebert go on and on and yet…we’ll think to ourselves, “I’m still going to see it” and most times we don’t agree with the critics afterward.

    Good, bad, or indifferent – TFA, undoubtedly, shined a spotlight on the author/the story, and I’m sure a great many who’ve read this blog entry and saw the vids, will click the story link to check it out.

    Hey, it might be their cup of tea, right up their alley – something they’d enjoy. Personally, I’ve enjoyed a couple of stories that EdwardsSouthernBella has written. And on her behalf, I’ll thank TFA for the free publicity.

    As a fanfic author, I had to learn a long time ago (although it does/can hurt something fierce) that I’d be judged along with my stories, that everyone wasn’t going to be a fan, that people can and will be assholes while stating something negative, IF they wish. And that it’s all par for the course since my stories are out there, available for anyone to see and whatnot.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re well-known, unknown, an amateur, or a veteran writer…we all find ourselves scrutinized at one time or another. In the world of fanfic, almost everyone is an amateur writer. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it. For example, I’m still learning new techniques/new ways of writing, and I still cringe when I go back and read my earlier stories. Never have I ever (nor has anyone else within the fanfic community) claimed to be William Shakespeare, but writing is something that gets better the more you do it. We practice. It’s our hobby, and we all enjoy doing it. Long story short, the caliber of writing is inconsequential. If someone/anyone doesn’t like your story, they might just tell you, and they’re allowed to do so – whether they’re polite or mean.

    One person’s point of view can hurt. It can negate the hundred other reviews of praise you’ve received. (I don’t know why that is, but it is what it is.) And in the fanfiction community, tearing others down seems to be a good time – people ENJOY IT, and while I can’t understand THAT logic, there’s nothing to stop it from happening.

    We have to agree to disagree and accept that we all have differing tastes. And that we’re all guilty of sharing opinions, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’ve ALL read a story or many and made a face, made disgruntled comments, like “WTF did I just read?” We may not voice our opinions but whisper them to our friends behind closed doors, via a private chat and/or email – but everyone has opinions.

    (Basically and essentially, anything you put out there can and will be judged. We can all read the same sentence, and each of us will take something different away from it. Just like I’m sure a few will read this comment and totally misconstrue it. Before I get a reply, I’d just like to add that I’m only responsible for what I’ve said, not what YOU THINK I said. So, always remember to read carefully.)

    Actually, to be completely honest, the content/what was said in this blog entry is irrelevant. Again, I don’t agree, I’m not defending TFA, but I’m defending his/her right to say it. If we’re going to persecute ONE, then we gotta crucify each and every person who leaves a negative review.

    Because, how can one be OK and the other wrong…?

    Alas, we can’t do that. That’d make us all guilty, that’d make us ALL hypocrites.

    If we despise hate, and if we hate being censored, then how dare we hate on another individual and try to censor them? Makes about as much sense as having an asshole on your elbow.

    And what’s good for the goose . . .

    TFA, you have my blessing. Please point readers in my direction by adding this to your reading list: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9693024/1/Bold-Gestures I look forward to your review/response. Enjoy!

    • Thank you for your extraordinarily long reply, sexylexicullen. I don’t feel there is anything to add to your comment, and I mean that literally, you said everything and I’d just be repeating something if I tried. I’d be happy to take a look at one of your fanfictions, though the list of requests has been far more than I anticipated in just one day so it may be a while before I get there.

      I very much respect your rational opinion on the matter, and will take your words as constructive criticism.

      Thanks again,

      • I’m fairly used to addressing the Twi-Fic Fandom, and most warrant a long-ish, detailed rationalization because, a great many need things spelled out for them. You say one thing and exclude another – you leave shit open to interpretation – and people will put words in your mouth. Then the ridiculousness of an argument ensues via the internet, of all things . . .

        If this is something you plan on doing longterm, take this ^ the above reply ^ as advice.

        Write with clarity and always be very thorough!

  9. You know what. This is fucking wrong. Not only are you disrespectful to the writers but also the millions of fans who read the stories we all write. Your also a chicken! Why don’t you let people know who you are? Show them who’s the one picking on hard working writers. I know for a fact that not only the writer you made this video about but also hundred other writers I know work hard on there stories. I know I do. I put my heart and soul in my stories I write.


    • Thank you for your reply. I disagree wholeheartedly. You seem to be under the impression that hard work somehow in itself merits praise regardless of the result. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This is the very mentality that rewards mediocrity and why it is so widespread today. The “A for effort” mentality, if you will. This works great in delusions but by no means in reality. Take myself for instance. If I worked hard on my critique, should I not, in your opinion, be praised? If so, why are you here? If not, why not? I smell a double standard that has little to do with my critique itself and everything to do with who you call a friend. Think about that next time you try to walk the moral high ground.

      • I was talking about them, not you 🙂
        I don’t think anything is wrong with this blog.
        I actually can’t wait to see what he reviews next.
        The videos are a little creepy, but I usually am creeped out by masks and extremely long noses.

  10. So as not to be accused of hiding behind a pen name, especially for those who feel inclined to personally insult me, me being an idiot and loser… wizards30 is my pen. Patricia Lyons is my name. I’m sure we’ve meet in one or more of the Facebook fanfic groups.

  11. I’m opening myself up to abuse here I know, but I have to get this off my chest.

    I’ve just read this post, and have seen numerous comments on Facebook asking people to report it. I fail to see what this person is doing that would actually warrant reports. It may not be particularly “nice”, but it is a critique of a body of work, NOT the author. Have any of you commenters here read a critique in a newspaper? You will find something similar to this, provided the author of said review believes the work to be subpar.

    This is not abusive; it is not making jibes about the author’s character. It may be hurtful, but as the Fanfic Assassin pointed out, to any down-to-earth author it will be either be water off a duck’s back or a means to better their work, heaven forbid any author need to actually improve. (I honestly hope this author, a lovely person, does take the criticisms here onboard). And you know what? I shouldn’t be slated for saying that.

    So, though it is natural to want to rally around friends, please take a step back and accept the good with the bad.

    P.S. Before you accuse me of being a closeted loser who has no life, you’d probably be surprised who I am in the fandom. Food for thought.

    • I totally agree. This should be taken as constructive criticism and used to better yourself as an author. There is no personal attack on the author. I think anyone who read this story might actually agree with some of his points. We don’t have to love every story. This is his first post. Give him a chance. Maybe the next review he does will be glowing. Just because he didn’t like this story doesn’t mean he won’t like all of them. People are allowed to have opinions. We can’t go on witch hunts just because we don’t agree with the way someone thinks. Not every story in the fandom is great. We all know this. Why is it okay to say you don’t like a story behind the author’s back, but not in a public forum? It is okay not to like something.

      It is okay to not like something. I don’t like the color pink. Are all the pink color lovers going to go after me next? Grow a backbone. If you can’t handle a critique of your writing you will never make it as a published author.

    • Agreed. Unfortunately, things have gotten so bad around the Twi-Fic fandom, everyone sees constructive criticism as a flame/negative review. Basically, anything that is NOT praise, is automatically a flame, and the reviewer a troll. It’s ridiculous.

  12. You are an idiot wizard30! Have you seen the crap he is spewing all over Youtube. You are obviously just as bigger loser as he is! Defiling other people work is low and hiding behind a mask shows just what a coward he is!!!

    • wizard30 is ***********. She is nasty on FB so she will be nasty everywhere. Don’t expect from her too much because everyone knows what kind of person she is.

      TFA Edit: The name has been redacted. While I do not appreciate censorship, I won’t allow baseless claims or attempts to expose others’ identities between posters in my comment section.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mich. You mean I’m “defiling” the stories the way Fanfiction authors “defile” (your word) the original work? That’s a hefty accusation, especially seeing as the YouTube videos I posted are word for word how her story reads. The only thing I did was give the characters voices, which the author, obviously, couldn’t do. So if the “crap” you’re talking about is anything but my interpretation of her characters, then your problem is with the story itself, and not anything I did with it.

  13. A thief at work!! Stealing other people’s stories? You should be ashamed of yourself!! But of course you wont be as people like you have no shame!

  14. Does anyone here understand the above critique, review, was done so about a body of written fictional work and not in any way a personal attack on the authors character or person. Please help me to understand how a person is deemed worthy of harassment, cyber stalking and bullying, simply for articulating his or her literary criticisms.

    I have witnessed these same disparaging comments, name calling and person attacks, follow blogger, The Fan fiction Assassin, from Facebook to youtube to his own blog.

    How do any of you justify your own behavior? Belittling and insulting a person in such a school yard manner.

    Retaliation, harsh words, would be justified yet The Fan fiction Assassin has shown himself to a gentleman by not digging a hole deep enough in which to reach the same level most you have reached here with your comments & attack on his person.

    • Thank you very much, Wizard30. I have to say it’s good to see someone who understands what I’ve been doing here. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone who came here in the defense of a friend whose ego might not have been able to handle my criticisms with any sort of aplomb or decorum. I don’t see any need for personal attacks, but I understand why people would be compelled to launch them.

      Thank you again!

  15. While everyone has a right to their own opinion, I have to say you take this a touch too far. You do realize people write fanfiction primarily for the purpose of entertainment? If SouthernBella were a New York Times best selling author, then I could see a justifiable reason behind this blog. However, you target an amature writer and expect something along the lines of Steven King?… It feels as if you are grasping at straws in a vain attempt to make yourself look better than your “lessers” (as you so eloquently make her appear to be). So what if her writing style isn’t to your liking? Last I checked, no one is forcing you to read any of this work you so obviously detest. If she doesn’t want to check her facts or police procedures, that’s on her.

    Find a new hobby. Like removing yourself from that high horse you’re currently perched upon.

    P.S.- try being a normal person. Get your rocks off on porn. Its free and all over the internet.

    • Thank you very much for your reply! I’m happy to see my first truly constructive criticism. You’ll be surprised to know that I very much enjoy the fanfictions I read and don’t expect perfection from the authors. All that I’m truly looking for is effort and this author definitely had that. As I said to a commenter earlier, “We grow from criticism, not droning affirmations of out own perfection,” or something close to that.

      I always hold valid criticisms in the highest regard, so thank you again.

      • While critisism is always welcome, these ramblings go too far. You’ve missed several parts of criticizing in a good way; you do it in private not on a public forum; you don’t break the person down completely, but try to voice your opinion in a constructive manor.
        The way you choose to convey your critisisms are lowly and the sign of a bully. Before you go on and criticize others use you’re eloquent English major to write your own fanfiction literary masterpiece and give us all a chance to tear you down.

        • I appreciate your comment but have to disagree. Things placed willingly into the public eye are open to public scrutiny. I’m not sure how my legitimate, and frankly simple, criticisms of a work would do anything to tear a person down unless their ego had been artificially inflated to critical mass and was waiting to burst at the lightest touch.

  16. While I understand your need to “expose” yourself to the masses via Twilight fanfiction, it would behoove you to at least get some of your insults and critiques correct. What you have in fact done is give nothing but an amateur opinion and I’m sure you know what we all say about those with opinions, right? Your end result was not as expected, I’m sure; hoping for a loyal following of other closeted basement haters but in reality, you’ve simply garnered many, many laughs…at you.

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to know that so many have found humor in my commentary. To tell the truth I was worried that I may be faced with an army of minions and peons whose sole purpose was to spew bile at me for no reason other than to exact vengeance for daring to criticize something they’re fond of, regardless of how justified said criticisms are. But you’ve alleviated those fears, so thank you.

    • Thank you for your suggestion! If you have a specific fanfiction in mind, please provide me a link, and I’d be happy to oblige. I can, and probably will, go digging for it on my own, but for the sake of expediting the process and making sure that I get the one you’re most interested in, a link would be most appreciated.

    • “You’re an ass. Be a man of conviction and take off your mask and talk (untranslatable)!!! Right. Didn’t think so. You’re nothing but a bully.”

      I’m assuming that’s what you meant to say, so thank you for your nearly incoherent reply. So my question to you is… Which mask?

  17. Wow, the amount of time and research you spent on dissecting a piece of fanfiction is mind-boggling. You must have quite a bit of time on your hands to have squandered this much of it on a Bella and Edward story. It’s rather sad that you apparently have no life, no wife (or girlfriend, or perhaps boyfriend?), no kids, no worthwhile hobbies, or maybe not even a job to keep you occupied. Because if you did have any of these, you wouldn’t have the time to make such a sacrifice for the “benefit” of the literary world. You really should log off the internet and go hug someone in your life who cares for you. Perhaps they’ll hug you back….

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m sorry that it took so long for me to reply, I was out with friends. I appreciate your concern and suggestions for ways to improve my social life. It’s nice to see I’ve already made such a personal connection with a fan.

    • Thank you for your comment. I hear your concerns and assure you that I do in fact have a life, job, and don’t spend much time trying to put people down. I do not personally own any feminine hygiene products, though I’m sure that there are some around here somewhere.

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